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TDW has developed a Tax Depreciation App which can be used either online or downloaded onto a mobile device. The TDW App is designed for Property Investors, Accountants, Developers and other Professionals and provides indicative deduction figures which may be used as guides for existing and prospective investments properties.

TDW incorporates a rational and organised approach to ensure that the maximum numbers of depreciable items are identified, optimising deductions in the first ten (10) years of property ownership.

TDW frequently liaise with the ATO, consistently identifying new rulings and generating maximum benefits to Investors.


Any property that is used for income producing purposes has the potential for Tax depreciation credits. In order to maximise depreciation credits, the owner will require the services of a registered Quantity Surveyor and a Construction Economist to optimise any claim.

TDW staff are highly qualified Quantity Surveyors and Construction Economists with the required experience in construction costing. Their skills and expertise are recognised by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

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